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Pickford's rise to England hero six years after mum wouldn't put Sky in his room

Former Sunderland keeper Pickford recalls having lunch in the back of the car as dad Lee took him to games from their home in Washington, Tyne and Wear...see more

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Reckless Driving Caused Crash That Injured Kevin Hart

According to reports, no one was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident...see more

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Restaurant Worker Faces Up To Four Years In Prison After Pleading Guilty To Spitting In Pizza

Jaylon Kerley was sacked from his job at the Detroit Tigers' baseball stadium after a video went viral of him spitting on a pizza...see more

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Google personalizes search results even when you’re logged out, new study finds

According to a new study conducted by Google competitor DuckDuckGo, it does not seem possible to avoid personalization when using Google search, even by logging out of your Google account and usi

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